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We take pride in offering top-class solutions for your electrical needs, including our Ceiling Fan Installation service. Our skilled electricians will handle the installation, ensuring a seamless experience. Whether you want to beat the summer heat or enhance your home’s aesthetics, our team delivers excellence. Sit back, relax, and let us bring a refreshing breeze to your space. Experience the difference of professional ceiling fan installation. Book an appointment today!

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Our electricians have the expertise to install ceiling fans efficiently and with precision. From wiring to mounting, we ensure a seamless installation. Trust us to bring comfort and style to your home.

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Reliable electrical solutions guaranteed.

We promise excellence through our skilled technicians, quality workmanship, and dedication to your satisfaction. Trust us to deliver reliable solutions and peace of mind.
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Qualified for All Major Makes and Models

Our team of expert technicians is trained to handle all makes and models of major brands with precision and care. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, we ensure top-notch service for all.

  • Ensure optimal efficiency of all your systems

  • Lower your utility costs with energy efficiency

  • Extend your system’s lifespan through regular maintenance

  • Keep you and your family comfortable and safe during all seasons

Our Certifications & Awards

  • Trane Comfort Specialist
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Can you install ceiling fans in rooms without existing wiring or fixtures?

Installing ceiling fans in rooms without existing wiring or fixtures can be challenging but not impossible. It usually requires running new electrical wiring and installing a junction box in the ceiling. This process may involve cutting into the walls or ceiling, running the new wiring, and connecting it to a power source. It’s crucial to hire a licensed electrician for this job to ensure safety and compliance with electrical codes. Alternatively, you can explore options like battery-operated ceiling fans or using a freestanding fan instead.

Are there any electrical requirements for ceiling fan installation?

Electrical requirements must be met for ceiling fan installation. First, there should be an available circuit with the appropriate voltage capacity. The wiring must be correctly sized and in good condition. A proper junction box or support brace is necessary to mount the fan securely. It is also important to have a wall switch with the correct controls and, if desired, a compatible remote control. Adhering to these requirements ensures a safe and functional ceiling fan installation.

Are there some cases where ceiling fans cannot be installed?

There are cases where ceiling fans cannot be installed. If the ceiling height is too low, typically less than eight feet, it can be hazardous to install a fan. Additionally, if the ceiling structure cannot support the weight of the fan or lacks a proper electrical connection, installation may not be feasible. In some cases, building codes or regulations may prohibit the installation of ceiling fans in certain areas or structures. It is important to consult with a professional electrician to assess an installation in specific circumstances.

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HVAC & IAQ Financing Available

Financing plans bring value and benefits to homeowners. By opting for a financing option, you can tackle necessary repairs or upgrades without draining your savings or delaying important projects. Here are some key advantages:

  • Budget-Friendly
  • Access to Quality Services
  • Timely Repairs
  • Flexibility
  • Increase Home Value
  • Emergency Protection

Keep your home safe and comfortable with a finance plan. Always assess terms and interest rates to find the best one for your needs. A professional can help you make an informed decision. 

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Robertson Electric has been Charlottesville, Virginia's trusted provider since 1968. Our team upholds a commitment to excellence, which is evident through accolades like the Daily Progress Reader's Choice Poll and The C'ville Weekly Best of C-Ville awards. We proudly provide prompt assistance and guaranteed customer satisfaction for all heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical, and indoor air quality needs. Through top-quality products and unmatched customer service, Robertson Electric stands out as the reliable, dependable partner for keeping all major home systems in optimal working condition.

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