Maintenance Plans

A maintenance plan ensures peak efficiency and longevity for your home systems, preventing costly breakdowns and ensuring safety. Our Energy Savings Agreement offers priority service, discounts on repairs and replacements, emergency support, increased efficiency, extended equipment life, transferable benefits, and a no-risk money-back guarantee, providing peace of mind and cost savings while keeping your home’s systems running smoothly.

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Robertson Electric’s Energy Savings Agreement

Ensure comfort and savings with Robertson Electric’s Energy Savings Agreement. Priority service, discounts, and guarantees keep your home’s systems efficient and reliable.

  • 10% Discount (parts and labor): Save more on repairs with a 10% discount on parts and labor, making maintenance cost-effective and convenient.

  • Multi-Unit Discount: Enjoy additional savings with a multi-unit discount, perfect for homes with multiple systems, optimizing efficiency at a lower cost.

  • Service in Hours, Not Days: Swift response ensures timely service in hours, not days, keeping your home comfortable and functional without delays.

  • Champion Technician: Our skilled technicians ensure top-quality service, guaranteeing knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient expertise in your home.

  • Service Guarantee Four Times Longer: Benefit from a service guarantee four times longer than standard, providing extra reassurance and confidence in your home’s maintenance.

  • No Run-Around Charge: Skip unnecessary charges with no run-around fees, as our upfront, transparent service ensures you get what you need promptly without extra costs.

  • Transferable Agreement: Enhance your home’s value with a transferable agreement, making your property more marketable and appealing to potential buyers.

  • Payment Options: Convenient payment options in cash, check, and major credit cards give you the flexibility to choose how you manage your maintenance expenses hassle-free.

  • No-Risk Money Back Guarantee: Try our service risk-free with a no-risk money-back guarantee, ensuring your complete satisfaction and confidence in our maintenance plan.