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Tips on Improving Water Efficiency

6 Ways You Can Lower Your Water Utility Bill

1. Replace your old toilet

Old toilets are the largest water consumer in most homes. If your toilet was installed prior to 1992, then you probably do not have a water-efficient toilet. You can find the age of a toilet by looking at the date stamped inside the tank or looking at the back for the date of manufacture.

2. Replace old clothes washing machines

After toilets, washers are the next largest water user. Energy Star ™ rated washers use 35-50% less water per load.

3. Check for water leaks

A dripping faucet can waste up to two gallons of water per hour.

4. Don’t run faucets unnecessarily

Leaving the faucet open while shaving, brushing teeth, or rinsing the dishes can use up to 5 gallons of water in a couple of minutes.

5. Change showerheads and faucets

Flow restricted showerheads can cut the water usage in half without reducing water pressure.

6. Water grass and plants early in the day

Watering early in the day or in the evening will reduce the loss of water due to evaporation. Consider drip irrigation where possible.