To Our Valued Customers,

Since 1968, Robertson Electric has founded its business on customer service. For us, customer service is more than a slogan, it’s the only way to do business.

We realize that there are numerous sources for heating and air conditioning products and services, and a wide variety of prices. But the best deal is not always the lowest price. The best deal is when a unit is installed correctly and serviced properly, therefore returning years of useful service from the unit, plus a healthy, comfortable home.

Many contractors are satisfied to come in with a low price, install a unit and leave. That’s not the way we do business at Robertson Electric.

Our ultimate goal is to make the home comfortable, safe and quiet.

We always run a load calculation to verify the size of the system. We never assume that the present unit is the correct size.

In the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, many heating and air conditioning contractors went by the basic square feet of a home to determine the size of the unit. They did not take into consideration other important factors like door and window sizes, sunrooms, insulation factors and the physical location of the house. The size, design and condition of the existing ductwork are very important considerations and our experienced technicians and comfort advisers take all those factors into account.

Once we determine the size of the unit and the type of installation required, we find out what the homeowner’s budget is and suggest a comfort system to meet their needs. We also offer many attractive financing options.

For homeowners with older, inefficient units, it is entirely possible that the savings in utility bills will offset the monthly payments for a brand new system.

There are many heating and air conditioning contractors and "one man" operations in town offering special deals and extra low prices. Before signing up for what appears to be the "best price", we urge consumers to take into account the quality of installation, the knowledge and experience of the contractor, the warranties involved in both the unit and installation, and most importantly, the availability of service after the sale. The one-man operations may not be around, but Robertson Electric Company will be and we install the unit correctly the first time.

If it’s not installed properly, the system won’t last. I can’t tell you how many times we’ve had to come in behind another contractor and removed an entire $6,000 unit. Proper installation is critical and we have qualified personnel to back up the system once it’s installed.

Utility costs are rising. Now may be the time to consider a new, efficient system. We hope you will call Robertson Electric when that time comes.
-Bruce Locker, President