Plumbing Repair and Installation

Plumbing Specialists at Robertson Electric

Are you always afraid that someone will flush a toilet in the house while you’re in the shower? If the water temperature fluctuates 5 or 10 degrees each time someone flushes, it can be a real problem. But it’s a problem that Robertson Electric – your plumbing specialists – can easily correct.

"Our licensed plumbers know what to check for and how to correct problems when they are found," said Matt Vickers, Service Manager at Robertson Electric. The problem could be linked to a build-up of sediments and lime deposits, or you may have other water pressure issues. Whatever the case, we can fix your problem. We have an excellent plumbing department."

Robertson has highly skilled and a well-trained staff in their plumbing department. Robertson has been in the plumbing business since 1985 and their guaranty remains the same: We fix it right or it’s free.

Robertson is offering several specials in their plumbing department. One is a $99 Whole House Plumbing Inspection.

"Too often people don’t find out that they have problems until it’s too late," said Bruce Locker. "A hot water heater, for example, may look new, but if it’s 8 or 10 years old, it’s an accident waiting to happen. Water heaters start their aging from inside out. Though it looks good on the outside, it may be ready to spring a leak. An old hot water heater can cause discoloration in your clothes and can plug up your fixtures and reduce water pressure."

In the Whole House Plumbing Inspection, Robertson checks out the hot water heater to determine its age and condition. The service team also checks garbage disposals, washing machine water hook-ups, icemaker water lines, drain lines, water pipes, whole house filters and water pressure. Problems and accidents can often be averted before they occur, potentially saving customers thousands of dollars in water damage.

Robertson is also offering a $75 credit towards the purchase of a new water heater and they are offering $50 off on drain cleaning. Robertson can handle any plumbing situation that arises within a residential home to include cleaning or replacing old drain lines that have become clogged with roots, repairing leaky faucets or toilets, replacing plumbing fixtures and installing new hot water heaters.

"One thing that sets us apart from our competition is our warranty," Matt pointed out. "We offer a full, one-year warranty on any repair work we do. Many companies offer only a 30- or 90-day guaranty, if at all."

Matt also noted that defective pipes in older homes could be a serious problem.

"There were several types of plastic pipes, most notably the Quest pipes, that were used in the early 80’s that have had problems with splitting open and fittings that burst," he said. "We can replace all the pipes within the home if necessary and we can advise the homeowner about the condition and shape of their pipes and fixtures."

Matt went on to mention that certain copper pipes also cause problems.

"Acidic water from wells can eat the pipe from the inside out," Matt remarked. "The pipes may look fine from the outside and then start leaking with no warning. If you are experiencing any problem with your plumbing or would like the peace of mind knowing that your pipes and fixtures are in good order, call Robertson Electric – your plumbing specialists. They’ll fix it right or it’s free.