New Products

New Products at Robertson Electric

Robertson Electric stays on the cutting edge of technology. Continuing education and training keeps Robertson’s expert technicians up to speed as Robertson Electric leads the way in both service and new product innovation in the Charlottesville market.

One of the most exciting new products on the market is wireless installation technology from Honeywell.

"When we replace older systems it is often difficult or awkward to install the new wiring," said Bruce Locker, President of Robertson Electric. "We now have a complete package of wireless-enabled systems and components which make it easy to solve what was once a difficult wiring problem."

The World of Wireless (WOW) products from Honeywell enable Robertson Electric technicians to relocate a thermostat, upgrade to multi-stage equipment, add cooling, display outdoor temperature and humidity, offer temperature control on-demand, control all zones from a single control and easily zone a home without running thermostat wires.

"The thermostats can be portable," added Service Manager Matt Vickers. "You can carry them from room to room."

Another new Honeywell product offered by Robertson Electric is the Prestige Comfort System, the world’s first high-definition, full color thermostat that redefines how a thermostat can look and what a thermostat can do for your home. Prestige systems feature Touchscreen Technology, High-Definition Color Display, Easy to Read Graphics, and Temperature Control On-Demand.

"The Wireless Zoning System is a game changer," added Bruce Locker. "Our wireless adapter allows the homeowner to easily – and wirelessly – add zoning to a home or add more zones to an existing system. Most zoning jobs can be done in a day and bidding risk is virtually eliminated."

RedLINK Technology from Honeywell eliminates the need to run wires in most applications and enables homeowners to have complete comfort control anywhere in the home. The RedLINK signal has been thoroughly tested and proven to work even through concrete, brick and other building materials in homes as large as 6,500 square feet and with multiple levels. RedLINK means total reliability.

Other products, like new refrigerants available from Robertson Electric, are better for the environment.

"The new R410A refrigerant will replace the old R22 refrigerant which can damage the ozone layer," Bruce pointed out. "R410A is much more efficient for your system and it is environmentally friendly."

Only certified specialists are allowed to use R410A, and Robertson HVAC Technicians are fully certified to work with and introduce R410A to new and existing systems. Another new product now available at Robertson is the new 20 SEER Trane Cooling and Heating System.

"This is Trane’s most efficient heating and cooling system," said Matt Vickers. "It uses the new R410A refrigerant and results in tremendous utility savings."

The new Trane system is super-quiet, safe, comfortable and offers a 10-year warranty on parts with a 10-year warranty on labor. Most systems have only 5 years on parts and 1 year on labor.

Nature’s Home available through Aspen Clean Indoor Air Company, a service of Robertson Electric, has also introduced a new product – OxyQuantum, a special UV lighting process that kills bacteria within the ductwork of a home and in the coils of a heating and cooling system. Robertson Electric is the exclusive dealer for Nature’s Home products in the Charlottesville area.

For all the latest in improved technology to keep your home safe, comfortable and energy efficient, call on the technology Experts, Robertson Electric.